Child Rescue Ministries Uganda

Helping Uganda's Orphans,transform their livelihoods.

Youths Activities


The goal of the Youth program is to provide a model which could readily be adaptable to the needs of any resource-poor community and utilizes locally-available resources. In addition, its purpose is to build the capacity of grassroots organizations from within the communities in areas of action planning, community mobilization, strategic programming and monitoring to promote implementation of HIV/AIDS-mitigating efforts at the grassroot level.


We currently conduct training and discussions for the youth  groups  in Mafubira subcounty.Under these discussions and trainings,we;

  • Provide information on HIV prevention and treatment, including traditional approaches
  • Present relevant data from research studies
  • Facilitate exchange of information among participants
  • Provide a framework for local collaboration and training
  • Assist participants in implementing their community HIV/AIDS action plans.
         Also among other youth programs,we arrange for;
  • Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT)
  • Care and management of patients in the local clinical setting or home-based care
  • Care and support of orphans
  • Prevention of mother-to-child-transmission (MTCT)
  • Community mobilization for HIV/AIDS control.
  • Also we arrange for participation in Immunization programs.
          Please,we request for partners and sponsors for our youth programs.

Our Youth have also engaged themselves in Fund raising Missions, within the Country "In Hope A live Ministries"by fundraising for ,and would wish to continue its fund raising Missions.Proceeds are directed to
towards orphans infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children.
We are happy to see Orphans working for other Orphans.They already have an Album of Gospel Music!.They are also seeking for more promoters and funders to produce more Music.

Sports and Other other youth activities


We are also planning to get a youth Clinic that will carryout counseling services and free HIV/AIDS testing as well a other sexually transmitted diseases.

  Not only that,but we are trying to initiate a youth Music and Drama club and a youth Resource Center.