Child Rescue Ministries Uganda

Helping Uganda's Orphans,transform their livelihoods.

Ways to Help


C.R.M-Uganda is a not-for profit making,voluntary initiative started basically with the aim of supporting orphans and other vulnerable children in the destitute communities of Uganda and therefore we do not demand our volunteers but instead they sacrifice what they can!Therefore no need to worry, there  are so many ways you can help but we don't give conditions to our donors and volunteers!You only sacrifice what you have and willing!

The only best way to this is to support the children access education and protect their rights. We canít do this alone because our resources are extremely meager to satisfy the demands of the children. We are currently looking for individuals to join us increase the enrollment of orphans and other vulnerable children by sponsoring one or more children under the umbrella of C.R.M-Uganda.

One of the major areas you can start with is to link us to organizations and individuals or even your own friends along your reach and you find them helpful to support us by sponsoring a child's education,medical or more.

Many of our children are helpless orphans without any one to help and fail to pay for staying in school, are abused in many ways such as Early marriages for Girls,Rape and defilement,Child labor,others have to work and care for their siblings(Child headed families),drug abuse and end up arrested and put in prisons etc.Sponsoring a child through C.R.M-Uganda is a one-by-one and a one-to-one approach to helping a child. Thatís how C.R.M-Uganda with your support can assist the community. You will play a
significant role in assisting a child to fulfill his or her God-given potential.

By becoming a child sponsor, one is not only taking a step in changing a child's life for the better, but also , will be supporting their family and community as well.

  This includes school tuition, scholastic requirements, clothing s,water,food, medical and administration.Given the fact that these are Orphans without parents and no protection,we act as their first hand parents and like our own children and protect them from ab

use most especially if they are not in school,such as early marriages,child labor,rape and defilement,drug abuse and addiction and many others. Poverty is common in East Africa. Many children become orphans due to HIV/AIDS. By a charity donation or becoming a sponsor for a poor boy or girl, you will be able to give a poor child care and education. 

Our charity organization is very effective in terms of providing/extending your help. When you sponsor a child, he or sh/he will get food, clothes and medicines, and you will also sponsor school fees and other scholastic requirements. We believe that the only sure cure for poverty is education that is why we put Education first.

How else can you help?

  • You can also organize a simple fund raising with your friends,family,etc,for example organizing a simple dinner and introduce this cause to them, churches and organizations to raise items like old clothes,shoes,playing toys etc,which may be found useless to the people in your community but can be of great use to our children here in Africa. Such items include clothing, beddings, household items, scholastic requirements, shoes and even used computers for our secondary school pupils.
  • You can also help by opening up C.R.M offices or an International coordinating office or Body in your country if  possible!And I can direct you how to do it if you are willing!
  • Volunteering with us can also be one way of helping the children!We have a number of schools,hospitals we can link you to to extend your services.Please inform us or visit our volunteer page for more.

Instead of giving our children a fish for the day; we will teach them how to fish so that they can manage to take care of themselves and their families when they grow up!

Therefore as part of our program of expansion we are recruiting a team of C.R.M-Uganda Volunteering Team who will be willing to dedicate their time, skills and commitment to assist us with both local and international fund-raising,like for your case, and Lobbying of support for the children. 

Please note;We do not require or demand a large commitment from our Volunteers and even just a few hours of your time at any of our events would be a huge benefit to the charity!