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Volunteer with CRM

CRM Needs You! We need Volunteers from all walks of life!

Child Rescue Ministries couldn't do all it does for the orphans of Uganda without the work of people here in Uganda. We seek More Volunteers both Individuals and Organization Volunteers from U.S,Canada,Europe and many others.We are currently seeking volunteers of all areas of their Interest/specialization and ability,for as long as you are within our framework of operation. Simply Inform us about it,we shall respond positively!

We also request other charitable Organizations to link us to more volunteers.


We at C.R.M host volunteers throughout the year from all walks of life irrespective of sex, race, faith, age economic status and backgrounds because their effort and impact is the one which counts a lot!

 Our intending volunteers should fill in an application form online at the end of this page after reading and understanding our volunteer package.

Below are the various volunteer opportunities currently available.


  We welcome religious leaders from all over the world and our Evangelism program   depends on a number of volunteers we are hosting.

For Individual volunteers or those less than 10 are welcomed at any time throughout the year. But volunteers coming as a Group i.e. 10-30 have got a special program arranged twice a year .i.e. from January to April and from September to November.

Under this program, we mainly carry out activities such as door-door Evangelism, Spiritual healing, Guidance and counseling services to families in conflict, those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS, Youth with bad morals ,Schools ,Prisons ,and Hospitals ,as a way of reviving hope ,good morals and an upright religious community.

Community Health

All volunteers with skills in community health such as hygiene, Sanitation Immunization, and any others are welcome.

Most of our volunteers in this category participate in cleaning of Water sources such as Wells as well as rehabilitating them, cleaning and painting of community health hospitals, etc.

This program is done three times a year.  I.e. January-March and October to December.


This project is carried out throughout the year. Volunteers come in at any time and are attached to any of our local community schools. Most of the activities involved in this program include Teaching, Sports activities, Music Dance and Drama, Computer training, Vocational Education i.e. art and crafts, etc. There fore any one with skills in the above can join us and volunteer with us any time of the year!

Community out reach programs

In our community outreach programs in which we mainly deal with the Youth, Widows Elderly, Orphans and persons with disabilities. Our volunteers mainly empower our people with skills in hand crafts, Drama, Sports.

They also assist the Elderly in their gardens as well as renovating and construction of their houses, Kitchens, utensils stands, etc.

Volunteers wishing to come and spend their time volunteering with C.R.M can contact us at any time.

 International Volunteering.

 C.R.M welcomes volunteers throughout the Year who want to volunteer with us within their localities or countries wherever they are in the following areas.

Please fill in the volunteer application form below and click the send button; we shall get back to you for details and arrangements.

Send us the the information below.Thanks.