Child Rescue Ministries Uganda

Helping Uganda's Orphans,transform their livelihoods.

Our  Vision


Our Vision is to embrace a self sustainable,poverty-free ,Healthy,Morally upright and spiritual Community.

Our Goal

  • Raising community awareness of the associated stereotypes and stigmas surrounding and involving HIV/AIDS and other STD's .
  • To work with volunteers to transform the livelihoods of the orphans and vulnerable children in the community.
  • To lobby resources and support Orphans affected by HIV/AIDS plus other vulnerable Children in the community.
  • Educating youth and young adults about healthier choices in sexual practices which foster prevention of acquiring HIV/AIDS and STD's.
  • To mitigate and control the social-economic problems causing the vulnerabilities of the orphans. 
  • To initiate and support income generating activities among the households of the Orphans. 
  • To support them with Nutritional, Medical and other related basic requirements.
  • Working against complacency while sensitizing community and calling for National participation to help ensure a future without HIV/AIDS.
  • To increase enrollment of Orphans and other vulnerable Children in both formal and vocational Education Institutions.
  • Advocating for those who suffer with HIV/AIDS to have access to medical care and life-saving medications
  • To advocate and protect Children’s rights and help their families with legal support for matters pertaining justice.
  • To teach/inculcate in  children Christian values since we are founded on a strong Christian principles and foundation.
  • Providing a forum for youth and young adults to encourage dialogue about healthier decision-making and motivation to surpass difficult life situations.
















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