Child Rescue Ministries Uganda

Helping Uganda's Orphans,transform their livelihoods.

CRM Trustees

         Child rescue Ministries is strengthening the Board of Trustees and we need more members to join the Board.We can not go an exra -mile without them!

      The Board of Trustees has many important roles in CRM.

  • Helping the Organization in lobbying of resources ,surpport and funding projects /programs proposed by the initiative.
  • Carryout local and imternational fundraisings on behalf of CRM.
  • Advise the Board of Directors where nee arises.
  • Promote the Vision,Mission and Objectives of the Organization to the Donor community at local and international levels.
  • Help the initiative(CRM) to network with other charitable Organizations with similar objectives.both locally and internationally.
  • Take a leading role in supporting us to form international cordinating bodies/offices of CRM.
  • Link the initiative to religious Organizations,sympathizers and individuals wishing to help Orphans,Widows,Youth,Persons with dissabilities,old going age and other volunerable members of the community.

                Please join our Board of Trustees and help us transform the lives of these needy ones.