Child Rescue Ministries Uganda

Helping Uganda's Orphans,transform their livelihoods.

Real Solutions to real problems

Our priority is to creat a difference  in a child's life by providing real soultions to real problems,and teaching them how to "fish" rather than just receiving "Fish"
We do not believe in our beneficiaries to be just on the receiveing side,we support them to get involved and participate to have a sustainable living thereafter.
Our aim is to provide Vocational skills to our Children so they may become creative thinkers and innovators to have a sustainable living.
We invite you to support our cause of Vocationalization of Education in the Schools we are attached to ,through Fundraizing,Donating or Bringing in your Skills by volunteering with us!

Problem Statement

About Us

Child Rescue Ministries Uganda is a Registered, BTC/CD/046, not-for profit making, but a Community Based organization (C.B.O) that was started way back in 2007 with the plight of supporting children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and other vulnerable Children plus their households. The founders of C.R.M are mainly concerned about mitigating  the causes of their vulnerabilities through a way of providing Educational, Nutritional, Medical,  Skills empowerment, protection of their rights ,moral and spiritual guidance and where possible, material and basic support.